The Tucson Pumpkin Toss holds a hurling competition every Fall on the University of Arizona Mall, using different types of catapults to throw pumpkins for distance and accuracy.  

Our objective is primarily educational, harnessing the pure fun of throwing things which explode on impact, to teach math, science, engineering and teamwork.

Fun and learning for all!

Come join the fun! 

Contest Specification - No worries, rules are the same as last year

2018 Registration Form:  - fill it out and send it in.  Early Registration Deadline: 1 October 2018 ($50),

                                            Late Registration $75

This Year's Results - a good competitive year! 

Previous Year's Results

2015 Results - Directly from the judge's scoresheet

2013 Video:  http://youtu.be/h3JDsXSmAZc  , plus Arizona MESA has lots more!

2013 Results:  (updated - St. Gregory and Sabino got reversed on game day, apologies all)

2012 results:


See 2011 Contest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5u-OM4a1yQ

2011 results:  http://blog.physicsfactory.org11/11/2011-tucson-pumpkin-toss-results.htm



http://thehurl.org   -  Post a question, get lots of answers!

http://www.trebuchet.com/  - Buy simulations, plans and kits

http://www.physicsfactory.org/main.php  - Our main sponsors

 Timeline for Sunday November 4, 2018

800-0900   Setup and Registration

0900-0930  Team Captains Meeting

0930-1030  Practice Throws

1030-1200  Competition shots

1200-1300  Lunch

1300-1430  Destroy the Castle!  Free Fire Shooting.

1500   Awards



1)  All personnel in the backfield will require hardhat and eye protection (goggles or safety glasses).  Teams must provide these for themselves.  - Exception:  lunch hour, when the backfield is open to the public.

2)  All teams are responsible for bringing their own pumpkins.  We got some last year just in case, but not this year

3)  Air horns will be made available to the teams for launch notification